Adinah Dancyger US

A site-specific, sensorial film that will be created on the evening of OPUS lending an intimate voyeurism to the scale and stimulation.

Adinah Dancyger will create a site-specific film on the evening of OPUS. Interested in embracing the scale of the festival through an intimate lens, she will document it with a DV camera, walking through each environment and its various tones, moods, and levels of stimulation. Dancyger will be an unassuming viewer, capturing images and sounds from a firsthand perspective which will amount to an observational portrait that transitions from one space to another, fluctuating in energy like a mobile viewer. Dancyger is a Korean-Polish filmmaker and one of the most accomplished young filmmakers in New York. Her recent film, Cheer Up Baby, was shown at Sundance ‘18, New York Film Festival ‘17, and the Nantucket Film Festival ‘18.