Alejandro Almanza Pereda MX

A surreal sculpture juxtaposing a dinner and dance party, bathing the forest in light and interjecting an provocative narrative.

Using objects that seem to cancel each other out, Alejandro Almanza Pereda proposes a tense and unlikely situation to the spectator. Ahead and beyond of everyone’s time, space and rhythm is a kinetic installation that suggests a rupture in spacetime between two divergent events: a fancy dinner and a dance party. Interested in the materiality and cultural connotations of objects, the artist combines chinaware, cutlery, candles, and a bouquet with a large, heavy disco ball spinning around the table’s edge. The movement and glimmer of the piece interferes with our perception of space, while functionality proves impossible with the missing chairs and spinning sphere. Influenced by living in different parts of Mexico and the United States, Pereda is interested in how different cultures perceive danger and risk. A maker of sculptures, underwater photographs, and videos, his work focuses on concepts of materiality. Pereda has presented work at institutions such as Y Gallery, the Museo El Eco in Mexico City, and Art in General in New York.