Christine Renée US

Christine Renée is a Healing-Sounds Artist and DJ working out of Brooklyn.

Humor, history and divine coincidence are themes that influence her off-the-cuff programming, creating a poetic synthesis of music and performance. Christine Renée began her career as a club DJ. She also hosts a bi-monthly radio/video show on the Lot Radio since its inception in 2016. In her 17 years of DJing, she’s played alongside iconic composers and DJs like Philip Glass, DJ Harvey and Maurice Fulton. Recently, Christine Renée began exploring the power of pure sound waves through her project Tuning, a live performance series using tuning forks designed to heal.* The pure sounds of the tuning fork heal and unite the energies of a single body just as dance music unites separate individuals in communal motion. There have been two Tuning performances to date in which she collaborated with sound and visual artists Jim Toth, Peter Fonda and Alex Czetwertynski. These were part of the group shows Shape Shifting (Iceland 2017) and That’s Not It (Mana Contemporary 2017).

*Designed by John Beaulieu