Eli Keszler US

A sound art installation consisting of text played through piano wires strung hundreds of feet throughout the forest and accompanied by live performance from the renowned percussionist.

Eli Keszler’s site-specific commission, Dead Interval, is a sound art installation that suspends piano wires hundreds of feet throughout the forest to a central anchor, a set of drums. Eli will be transmitting a text frequency throughout the wires that becomes fragmented on repeat. At the end of the evening, Keszler will perform a percussive solo that mixes with the rich, harmonic vibration of the wires, further augmenting and interfering with the patterns and syntax of the distorted text. In Dead Interval, Keszler abstracts language and celebrates its destruction through his signature mix of percussive repetition, density, and speed. An artist and composer as well as a percussionist, Keszler is interested in moments when music breaks down into dissonance and chaos. He has performed and exhibited in a variety of venues, such as Lincoln Center, the Barbican Centre, and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.