Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith US

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s surreal compositions combine organic elements with technological prowess.

Raised on Orcas Island off the coast of Washington state, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith creates compositions that are surreal yet rooted in nature. By combining the organic elements of her upbringing with the technological prowess gained from her studies at Berklee College of Music, Kaitlyn has made a distinct and significant impact on modern music. Her upward trajectory was cemented with the release of her 2015 full-length, Euclid, on Western Vinyl. 2016 saw the launch of her celebrated album EARS, as well as a collaboration with New Age pioneer Suzanne Ciani, earning her numerous best-of nods from the likes of Pitchfork, NPR, Rolling Stone and SPIN. Most recently, Kaitlyn embarked on a worldwide tour for her latest album The Kid, which was released in October 2017. Kaitlyn also scores film, TV shows, and spots for brands. Her client list to-date includes Google, an upcoming movie produced by the Duplass brothers, and Reggie Watts and Ben Dickinson’s short film Brasilia.