Sabrina Ratté CA

A video art series investigating and abstracting architecture through the lens of Le Corbusier’s notion of the house as a machine for living. 

Sabrina Ratté’s video series Machine for Living investigates the architecture of the new towns (Villes nouvelles) and brutalist residences surrounding Paris, which were envisioned as suburban utopias. Created using photography, 3D animation, and an analog video synthesizer, Machine for Living combines documentation and abstraction. Ratté transforms photographs into spatial and optical illusions that represent the new towns in an alternative architecture sculpted by the electronic signal. Facades shift and warp in ways that resemble both computer analysis and human perception, creating tension between reality and image, virtual and physical realms, and utopia and dystopia. She works in the tradition of postdigital art, embracing and exploring our relationship to the virtual as an extension of material reality. Ratté’s work has screened at the Museum of the Moving Image, the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, the Palais de Tokyo, and countless others.