MICA x OPUS Collaborate

Jason Gottlieb’s Motion Graphics class at MICA created a series of experimental videos inspired by OPUS.

The world is seen through perspectives. We each have our own, shaped partly by our experiences but primarily by the dominant visual and cultural paradigm that imparts on us certain values and ways of seeing. There is a perpetual, critical need to create ruptures in this paradigm by attempting to see the world in new ways. This has been the impetus of artistic experimentation since the advent of modern art.

For the video series, nineteen MICA students were prompted to create moving image works that invent new perspectives. View the work below:

Normandie Luscher

Min Li

Greg Fisk

Ashley Fletcher

Nair Anjali

Kat Hartley

Aasawari Kulkarni

Claudia Noreni

Lindsey Leigh

Jo Zhu

Jin Congjia

Amy Seago

Ella Huang

Sean Dong

Mara Berkland

Katty Huertas