Recap 2017

OPUS 1, the inaugural edition of the festival, explored Merriweather Park’s potential as a fertile space for an immersive, durational experience for visitors and a thought provoking backdrop for artists and performers.

Viewers were given an opportunity to escape the small glowing screens that entrap us and explore a constantly changing landscape of technology, art and sound. OPUS 1 featured 11 large scale installations, and 4 diverse acts on the Chrysalis stage.


Suzanne Dikker & Matthias Oostrik

Mutual Wave Machine

Mark Leckey / Bruce Conner / John Smith / Peggy Ahwesh / Gerard Holthuis / Mary Helena Clark / Gunvor Nelson / Ben Russell

Utopian Visions Curated by Ben Russell

Sebastian Buerkner / Jeremy Couillard / Shana Moulton / Rainer Kohlberger / Robert Seidel / Sabrina Ratte / Adam Ferris / Scott Gelber / Peter Burr

Projection Cube Curated by Peter Burr

Caroline Polachek + Eric Epstein

Forest Gateway

Vincent Moon + Priscilla Telmon


Doron Sadja

Color Field Immersion

Paul Clipson / Eric Epstein / Makino Takashi / Christie 360

Enchanted Forest

The Hearth

Lonnie Holley / Bing & Ruth / Dream Machine / EXO-Tech

The Chrysalis

Gang Gang Dance / Brooklyn Raga Massive / Sun Ra Arkestra / Beautiful Swimmers